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A revival of credibility

A revival of credibility 0

It only takes a moment of observation to see that the evangelical church has a credibility issue, partly due to the ongoing scandals and failings of some of its most prominent leaders. This leaves many of us asking... what is the real issue? 
  • Carrie Schuessler
To the mommas on Mother's Day

To the mommas on Mother's Day 0

There are those moments when all is social media perfect for a moment. Then there’s the rest of life. The moments when you don’t know what you’re doing. When you don’t know if what you do makes a difference. When you see all your failures, feel every disappointment, and wonder when your days won’t be so long.
Lugging life's luggage

Lugging life's luggage 0

This month we are featuring Neil Cullan McKinlay's book The Gospel: Simple yet Profound as a part of our Easter titles. Mr. McKinlay was good enough to boil down the central message of his book into this reflection, which is also quite "simple yet profound."
The Smile of the Father

The Smile of the Father 0

Whether we like to admit it or not, few relationships in our life affect us like our relationship with our dad. This subject is close to the heart of Certa author Penny Tucci. Read more for her insights to help men and women find freedom from their past hurts and walk in faith and freedom.
Read chapter one of Ready, Set, Married

Read chapter one of Ready, Set, Married 0

We are grateful to Dr. Mendez for sharing the first chapter of Ready, Set, Married with our readers, entitled "Commitment." We pray that it offers you insight and inspiration as you endeavor to remain committed to your spouse.
Adjusting to the empty nest

Adjusting to the empty nest 0

Most of the country is in full-fledged seasonal shift right now. In Florida, the first cool breezes of fall blow, while the northeast is expecting a dangerous nor'easter. But sometimes these seasonal shifts can be easier to adjust to than the ones we experience throughout our life. For many women, the emptying of the nest can be especially difficult. Certa author Janet Warren Lane has walked this journey and shares what God has taught her

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