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Certa Publishing, your Partner Publisher, is known for unmatched personal customer service, professionalism, and reliability. We provide exclusive attention to detail in all components of turning your manuscript into a professional, well-written and marketable book.

At Certa Publishing, authors maintain creative control of their manuscript, while being guided by the best marketing techniques. Authors also maintain 100% of the rights to their books as well as 100% royalties!

Additionally, Certa Publishing and our marketing partners provide authors with personalized creative marketing training on branding, social media, other Internet marketing outlets, as well as media engagements. Our goal at Certa Publishing is to help our authors sell and market their books nationwide. Period.


Don't settle for being just another author.
If you are looking for a more exclusive and personalized way of publishing,
call Certa Publishing today! 1-855-77-CERTA.
Click here to meet the authors we partner with to spread the messages of
their kingdom-minded books throughout the world!



Our Book Publishing Process Serves You!

What can you expect from Certa Publishing?
You can expect the very best in publishing. Our rule of thumb is: We exceed the author’s expectations in the publishing experience!

You can expect to make all of the decisions regarding your book because it truly remains your book. We do not own your book. The Author Agreement you sign with Certa Publishing covers only the services you purchase from us, and we purchase nothing from you. It is your book, and you can expect us to abide by your decisions. All that being said, we will also stand by your side and help you make well-informed decisions that will give your book every professional and marketing opportunity possible.

If you pre-sell 500 books and that is the number of books you want, then you can expect us to print and ship that number. What if you need extra books? Suppose a few months later you schedule a book-signing event and want 200 copies to sign and sell there. Then you can expect us to print and ship the 200 books right away for your BIG event. You can also make arrangements for Certa Publishing to store the books safely in our warehouse and ship those copies when you need them. Printing a higher quantity at a time will help reduce your overall printing cost.

You can expect us to turn your book around in the shortest time possible and, at the same time, allow you to customize the publishing process to meet your demands. You can expect to control the process every step of the way, from manuscript submission to book shipping, since you make all of the decisions concerning your book. And, you can expect to save money with our affordable book editing, publishing, printing and marketing packages!


We GUARANTEE to . . .

  • Take the mystery out of self-publishing a book.
  • Save you significant money.
  • Excel in helping you market your book successfully.
  • Let you keep ALL the royalties!
  • Be predictable and dependable.
  • Produce quality books with workmanship that is top-notch.
  • Print your book fast and on time.
  • Let YOU own the book.


What are the Costs of Publishing a Book?

Basically there are four general cost categories:

  •  Editing
    You can have a trusted, capable person you know edit your book or our talented editors can do it. But please, have someone edit it so you will not be embarrassed later by mistakes or missed opportunities for improvement. If you handle the editing, there is no charge from us obviously. For pricing click here.
  •  Publishing
    Choose a publishing package that works best for your budget and marketing desires.

  •  Book Printing
    After your book is edited, designed and other parts of the publishing process handled, you need to decide how many books you would like to print and sell. Call us to discuss the prices and your options at 855-77-CERTA.

  •  Publicity/Marketing
    Some publicity and marketing are included in many of our publishing packages. However, if you would like to boost the awareness of your book further and market it to a greater extent, you will want to throw gas on the sales fire and choose our publicity and marketing packages. For pricing click here.


YOU Can Become a Published Author Today For Less Than You Think!


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