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Lugging life's luggage 0

This month we are featuring Neil Cullan McKinlay's book The Gospel: Simple yet Profound as a part of our Easter titles. Mr. McKinlay was good enough to boil down the central message of his book into this reflection, which is also quite "simple yet profound."

How should Evangelicals observe Lent? 0

If you travel in Christian circles, you may have noticed that the observation of Lent has become more common and encouraged within evangelical denominations. Once reserved for only the liturgical sects of Christianity, setting aside 40 days before Easter for focused prayer, fasting or other observations has become quite widespread.

In his article titled Evangelicals, Ash Wednesday, and Lent, George Sinclair offers this perspective:

Lent should be a time where we take extra care to spend extra time reading and thinking upon God’s word written.

He offers some practical ideas for ways to focus our hearts during these 40 days before Easter:

Consider reading the whole New Testament (you can do it if you read for 30 mins a day for 40 days – and still have a bit of time to spare!). Consider reading through all four Gospels. Consider memorizing 40 Bible passages. Consider making a 6 week commitment to meet with a couple of people and read and discuss the Bible together. 

It is also good to consider spending extra time in prayer or humble service. Maybe you can “fast” from your phone and the internet for a day or week or a season. Maybe you can forsake some simple pleasure and take the money you would have spent on that pleasure and give it to support a missionary or a group that works with the poor.

Whether you celebrate the Easter season through liturgical practices, family gatherings or additional services, we hope that your heart is turned toward the significance of the season. One way to focus your attention is by studying Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and we have some perfect resources for you:

In these pages, author Timothy Cross takes the reader from the promise of God at the dawn of history, through the Old Testament foreshadowing into the New Testament event of the cross. He does not stop there: the cross is considered as the apostles teach it and what all this means for the Christian today. 
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"This book of expositions by Lee Gatiss is an important reminder that, in our warranted zeal for the truth of penal substitution, we must not downplay or ignore the rich and full range of the achievements of the Cross, and its many applications to our lives. An important and edifying volume."
- Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City
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