Are we making Bible study too complicated?

Are we making Bible study too complicated?

Bible study can often be intimidating. Everyone you ask will have a different method and opinion on how it should be done. But what if it's really much more simple than we make it? What if we simply looked at the scriptures the way Jesus did? 

Author Thomas Baber has attempted just this in his new release Jesus: The Alpha and Omega of Bible Study. We think you will find his thoughts below both intriguing and refreshing.

How do we learn how to read the Bible correctly?

Why are there so many different religions and denominations in the world?

What makes them different?

Which one is right? 

Some of the most profound questions are asked by young minds. As a father of six, I am very much aware of my responsibility to guide my children in the way of the truth.
Jesus: The Alpha and Omega of Bible Study is my answer to their questions. The fundamental difference being that not all people approach the scriptures the way Jesus did and therefore all people do not think like Jesus thought.    

Where do we go to learn how to read the Bible? 

My answer is simple: Jesus. We have a record of the way Jesus approached, viewed, interpreted, and applied Scripture to His own life and to those around Him. As a matter of first priority, everyone who professes to follow Christ should read the scriptures the way He did.

There is something disarming about looking at the way Jesus approached Scripture. Regardless of theological distinctives, true Christians have two things in common. First, they want to be more like Christ. Second, they want to understand the Bible better. These two commitments are enough for those wishing to improve their understanding of Scripture.

This book focuses on the way Jesus interpreted Scripture and was revealed through Scripture. The book is divided into two parts based upon the conviction that Jesus should be the “Alpha and Omega” of Bible study. 

Jesus is our beginning point for Bible study

Jesus is viewed as our beginning point for Bible study. Jesus, in His humanity, had to read and interpret Scripture. The gospel writers left a record of Jesus’ interaction with Scripture that is sufficient for us to observe principles He used to interpret Scripture. We can analyze selected passages with the intent of distilling Jesus’ methods of interpretation to a set of key principles, which can be applied to the rest of Scripture. 

Jesus is our ending point for Bible study

Jesus is viewed as our ending point for Bible study. We will ultimately be transformed into His image. We can analyze selected passages to demonstrate that Jesus saw the revelation of Himself as the grand object of Scripture, to the glory of His Father. The goal of Bible study is Christlike godliness.

The ultimate goal of this book is for my readers to know the Christ of Scripture more intimately by using sound principles of biblical interpretation that come from Jesus Himself.



“The most important thing a Bible expositor does obviously is interpret Scripture. The greatest model for interpretation is our Lord Himself in the way He handled the Old Testament. This book will give you insight into the hermeneutics of Jesus, which becomes a pattern for us to follow.”

JOHN MACARTHUR, Pastor-Teacher of Grace Community Church

190 pages  |  $14.99

Available for purchase here



Thomas holds a Masters in Divinity degree from The Master’s Seminary and Doctor of Ministry in Preaching from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He delivers verse by verse expository messages every Sunday at Emmanuel Baptist Church. He is an adjunct professor at Shepherds Theological Seminary and serves on their advisory board. He is also the author of the book Jesus: The Alpha and Omega of Bible Study. Thomas and his wife Nancy live in College Station with their six children.

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