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We make publishing your book simple and straightforward.

No mystery. Predictable. Highly cost-effective book printing and publishing. Unmatched guidance and author service. At Certa Publishing, we have streamlined the book printing process for ease, speed and quality. This dream of yours is important to us, from the top of our company to the bottom. And when your book is published, we don’t stop—we press on to help you promote and market your book at the highest level of excellence.


Certa Testimonials

"While searching for someone to publish my book, I happened across Certa Publishing. I was won over by the passionate heart that came across the phone—but, then again, I know a good sales pitch—we are more into serving than just making money, we value excellence, our value system is to be personal with our clients—you know the rap. But, alas, I took the risk, and have learned that they mean what they said. They have shown amazing and professional customer relations, with a personal touch and excellence in their fabric. I've been impressed with the caliber of everyone on their team that I have met in the five years that I have worked with them. I have actually transferred another of my books to Certa because of their "faith" in my resources. I know they are doing all they can to get my books in the mainstream, and that is very heartening!"

—Bruce Lengeman
Author, To Kill A Lion and You've Been Tweeked

"My team at Certa Publishing is awesome! My sincerest thanks go to Jennifer, Monica, Sheila, Pat, and the rest of the Certa Publishing team. They continue to be a great source in my publishing experience, especially as book publishing continues to change. It is great to work with a publishing company you can trust with the work (and words) God has given you."

—David Judson
Author, Are You Attackable?


"I once read that writing a book is like wrestling a bear. I never understood the gravity of this accurate simile until I published my first two books. If you are in the process of writing a book, you'll empathize. If you are in the process of trying to find the ideal publishing company to represent you and your manuscript, you'll empathize even more.

My creative passion is inspirational writing and my genre has been memoirs thus far. In 2013, I took this a step further in publishing my third book (“Listen to Me”) that is a faith-based memoir about one of my former students. I knew I needed to find a Christian publishing company that I could trust to do everything possible to help me bring this book to fruition and to promote it with energetic sincerity. I found such a group of people when I began working with my team at Certa Publishing.

I connected immediately the first time I had phone conversations with Jennifer Smothers (CEO) and two of her staff members, Monica and Sheila. Their professional skills, attention to detail, and communicative prowess are absolutely stellar. I honestly feel like I've known these ladies for years. I'm in the process of writing a fourth book and wouldn't consider working with anyone else. In fact, I'm not sure that I would have pursued this most recent writing project were it not for knowing first-hand that I am working with the best. There is a sense of peace and security in knowing this."

—Beth Huffman
Author, Listen to Me


"Certa Publishing has been a solid rock to cling to during the complex publishing process. They have guided me each step of the way from my decision to publish my devotional study book to completion. Their expertise has been invaluable and they have prayed for me, cheered me and applauded my growth with the confidence that a parent shows to their developing child. Thanks Certa for serving me so well and helping me to get God’s words out to so many. I am looking forward to publishing my second book with you in 2015!"

—Linda Knight
Author, Fearless Living


"I just want to “Praise God” for leading me to Certa Publishing! It was my dream to write a book specifically for men about seeking God’s heart and becoming that man of wisdom, integrity, character and grit. My new book ("4th and Four") gave me that opportunity. Very soon my first book will be available in both hard copy and eBook form and I cannot thank Certa Publishing enough for their expertise in reviewing, editing and publishing my work.

If I could put it into a couple of words on what differentiates Certa from other Christian book publishers I would simply say this; “They Care More”.

I am now on an exciting journey to share and promote my book wherever God leads and I know that I will be sharing the success of "4th and Four" with Certa Publishing!"

—Jim Phillips
Author, 4th and Four


"My experience with Certa Publishing has been excellent! As this was my first book, they helped me every step of the way to get my book prepared, polished,published and printed. It was everything I'd hoped for in this process of preparing my first book. The staff was knowledgeable, kind, and patient with me. Don't hesitate to give them a call today if you're looking for a place to help you publish your book!"

—Bev Weirather
Author, My Journey to Healing


"I’m delighted to have Certa Publishing as my publisher for "Twins’ Double Victory." Jennifer, Sheila, and Monica were with me every step during the publishing process. All of my questions were answered, and everyone was professional, dedicated, and personable. The book was produced in a timely manner following my input and with all proof corrections made to my satisfaction. When copies were shipped to my house, I was happy to see the quality of the laminated cover, inside paper, and print. I couldn’t wait to read my book, and I’m proud to present it to others. Certa Publishing is a trustworthy Christian company that I highly recommend."

—Karen Jones
Author, Twins' Double Victory and Andrew in Miss Plum's Class



"I received a call yesterday from Thomas Nelson Publishing. They actually pulled up the book online and complimented me on the cover. They were very impressed! They even read the Five Star comment to me. After hearing my testimony he was amazed and stayed on the phone with me. Then looked up newspaper articles and images on line. You guys are getting many wonderful compliments. I am glad that I selected Certa. I have not advertised the book yet, and orders are coming in."

—Sherrell Byrd
Author, Our Higher Calling


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