Working with JPL has been a pleasure and a decision that we at EP have never regretted. JPL are young as a company and have a relatively young staff, but they are committed and serious about books and willing to go the extra mile in serving their clients. Their approach to every situation combines integrity with flexibility. Unhesitatingly recommended!


Graham Hind, Managing Director, EP Books

+44 (0) 7702 469070


"JPL’s been storing and shipping our books for less than a year, but already we've got so much more time to focus on marketing and promotion. JPL does all the heavy lifting and that’s another task we don’t miss. They send singles and cartons for our small publishing operation, and they do it promptly, carefully and cheerfully. We sell books on many platforms, relay our orders to JPL via email and they take it from there. They send back emails documenting each shipment's tracking number. 


We get monthly inventory and shipment logs, and the accounting folks are efficient and friendly too. Moreover, there are actual live people there always available to take a phone call or answer a question by email. I wish I’d have signed up years ago."


Bille Hougart


President, Cicatrix, Inc.




"My organization has been with JPL for over a year, having been with two other fulfillment companies in the past, that didn't work out well. In this time, I have found everyone at JPL to be dedicated to doing my fulfillment as efficiently and effectively as possible. Moreover, they have often provided ideas and services that I wasn't expecting. I heartily recommend JPL for fulfillment."

Barry Rubin


President, Messianic Jewish Publishers and Resources

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