JPL Books – Frequently Asked Questions

Who and What Is JPL Books?

JPL Books is a warehousing and distribution facility designed to meet the demand of author-publishers for a more straightforward, more efficient way of handling their orders.


Where is your warehouse facility located?

Adjacent to our full-service book manufacturing facilities, JPL is conveniently located in Grand Rapids, MI.  JPL has access to major population centers throughout the country and is situated close to all major transportation hubs


Why Did You Decide to Offer Order Fulfillment and Distribution Services?

The many publishing industry changes have created a need for additional options for small and mid-size publishers. We took a good hard look at our services, our capabilities, our resources, our staff, and our warehouse space and decided that we could do better. Our full-service book manufacturing capabilities now allow publishers to maintain adequate inventory levels without breaking the bank.


Do you have a minimum daily, weekly, monthly order requirement?

We don't have minimum order volume requirements.  There are some customer eligibility requirements regarding continuous volume or a well-developed marketing plan.  Please fill out our RFQ form for more information.


Does your system allow me to see item pricing and current inventory levels?

Monthly reports are sent with inventory and billing information.  Qualified customers may be eligible for real-time inventory viewing.  You can email Customer Service with one-time inventory requests.


How can I enter orders into your system?  

We enter all orders into our system.  Depending on volume, you can email us the order information, or we can set up integration.  When setting up your account, we will discuss the best way for order integration and entering.


How do I access my order data?

You will receive monthly reports on your sales and inventory.  You can also email customer service with specific requests.


Can you process overseas orders?

 We can ship orders overseas.  Overseas orders can be sent to us for fulfillment.


Do you include packing slips with an order?

Yes.  A detailed packing slip is included with each order.


Does JPL Books Have a Catalog?

Our website is our catalog. We also process quarterly fliers with seasonal advertised specials.


Will JPL Books Market or Promote My Book?

We view distribution as a team effort. JPL Books will represent your book to Ingram and other distributors. You--the publisher--will be responsible for driving traffic to the stores via your promotional efforts. JPL Books' website can provide additional promotional assistance. The more demand you create for your product, the more books will be sold.


What's the Difference Between JPL's Fulfillment and Distribution Services?

For our fulfillment clients, we fill and ship orders. The publishers--not JPL--have a direct relationship with wholesalers and bookstores.

On behalf of our Distribution customers, JPL will handle the relationships with wholesalers and bookstores. Specifically, we will warehouse your books, take orders from wholesalers and bookstores, fulfill those orders, bill and collect monies, and process returns. JPL can get you into Ingram if you qualify.


What is the turnaround time for shipping orders?

Standard JPL order response times are 24-hours from receipt of the order.


Can I place rush orders?

Yes! We have the capacity and systems to help you respond quickly to your requests. We can process orders quickly, and we provide real-time tracking.


How are the order returns handled?

We encourage customers to only purchase what they need and avoid returns.  When there are returns, we process them quickly and place the product back into inventory.  If it is damaged, we will place it in an area identified as "damaged stock".  There is a small fee to process returns.


How are your products packaged for shipment?

Careful packaging is essential in ensuring there is as little risk as possible for orders getting damaged along their routes. We package your books in the correct size boxes or containers to ensure it arrives at its destination in good condition.


What is your standard pricing?

Our services include processing each order and a fee for picking the order. It also consists of a monthly storage fee.  Charges for additional services such as overseas shipments will be added to your monthly invoice.


Why choose JPL Fulfillment, Inc.?

  • Clean and organized warehouse.
  • Top-notch communication and customer service
  • Fully customized reports, including sales, royalties, and margin tracking.
  • Distribution through Ingram, B&N, Baker & Taylor, and others.
  • eBook listing through Kindle, Nook, and Apple.
  • On-site, full-service book manufacturing to ensure you never miss a sale.


We make sure your titles are where they need to be when a bookstore or individual wants to buy them!


What's the Next Step?

Fill out a copy of our JPL Request For Info Form and send it to


Other questions? Please email:




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