Video Book Trailers

Video Book Trailers are the perfect way to introduce your book to millions of potential readers.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest Search Engine in the world? To reach your audience, you need to conquer Google, but like never before, getting your message out means going beyond text and into video. A professionally done book trailer takes your sales and marketing effort to the next level because you speak directly to your potential readers in an easily approachable medium that encourages sharing.

Video Book Trailers produced by Certa Publishing are posted by authors on their own websites, on social media sites, included in press releases, and shared broadly by enthusiastic fans who want an easy way to introduce their friends to your message.



For only $650, Certa Publishing will produce a professional book trailer using images of your book and post it online for everyone to see on:

  •  YouTube
  •  Facebook
  •  Your book ordering page on
  •  Other locations on the Internet depending on marketing plan chosen

Imagine putting a professionally done introduction to your book in front of millions of potential readers around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Contact your Author Services Representative for more information!

For more information, or to purchase, click here.


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