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Publishing a book, by definition, doesn't make money; Selling that published book is what puts money in your pocket. In order to sell your book, you need to be prepared to ship it to a variety of different outlets.

By printing higher quantities of your book we're able to help you make more money by lowering the unit cost of each book. That does create one BIG problem...your living room isn't big enough to store everything you just printed. Also, you don't have time to individually package each order, process the credit card payment, create a packing slip and paid invoice, package it all and get it into the mail. This is what we are for! 

Our state-of-the-art warehouse facility is large enough to serve all your fulfillment needs. Orders are shipped and tracked daily with only a minimal monthly warehousing fee of $0.02 per book, per month!*

We will store your books and ship them out as they are ordered. Each book will be carefully packaged and shipped with a packing slip for your customer. We offer options to include you on marketing flyers that may ship with your books. We will also process credit card payments and issue your royalty checks as part of the distribution process, if needed. All you have to do is figure out ways to spend all the money that your book is making for you! You write the book and we will help you get it to the market!

*Minimums may apply 

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